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Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation means that you stay in your familiar surroundings and that you receive a complete and high-quality range of therapeutical services under a single roof.

In outpatient rehabilitation, you stay in your familiar surroundings and receive yet a complete and high-quality range of therapeutical services under a single roof.

Physical disabilities or pains afflict also our intellectual and mental well-being. Rehabilitation therefore intends to re-ensure the stability of body and mind after sickness and accidents in a holistic approach.

Be it physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy or medical training therapy: Our specialised physicians draft your personal training scheme in cooperation with you.

These four components are supported by psychological attendance as well as counselling in nutrition and social matters. We support you as your counsellors throughout the entire therapy and will spend any effort to inform you thoroughly about the measures, the goals and the success.

Health insurers

Our team in RZO carries out the outpatient rehabilitation as a partner of the professional associations, the German pension insurance association and all statutory and private health insurers.

There are different forms of outpatient rehab for the individual health insurers.

EAP – Extended outpatient physiotherapy

EAP is designed for patients whose health insurer is a private insurance scheme, the professional association or the Federal Armed Forces.

This involves a therapy combining the treatment methods of physiotherapy, physical therapy and sports therapy with socio-medical issues.

Outpatient rehabilitation

The treatment services we provide are of a clinical nature. A competent team is available under the supervision of specialised physicians. High-quality attending services near to our patients‘ homes in close cooperation with resident physicians are of top priority. Our specialised physicians design your personal therapy schema in cooperation with you.

Follow-up treatment (AHB)

AHB is performed directly after in-patient hospital treatment. A flexible therapy scheme is designed in consideration of the patient’s resilience, like in case of outpatient rehabilitation. The goal in AHB is the re-adaptation of the patient to the stress in everyday and professional life under the supervision by physicians. The pension insurance pays for AHB treatment.